On sunday, October 23th, 2011, near the Izola's harbour took place the launching of the batana Koštanca.

The batana Koštanca is ready to be towed to the launching place.

... on the road from Korte to Izola.

The truck with arm crane lifted the boat.

Gathering of the curious crowd.

The crowd kept growing.

The speech of the Izola's Mayor Igor Kolenc.

The traditional custom requires the priest to baptize and bless the boat.

The church baptism was followed by a modern way of blessing involving a bottle breaking: the deputy Breda Pečan took the role of the godmother..

Launching - the crane lowered the boat gently into the sea.

Preparing to the competition in a special type of rowing using a single oar, called šija-voga.

Waiting among other batanas for the competition to start.

Rowing in a technique called šija-voga (single oar to transom rowing): Marino Hrvatin took the gold medal.

With a help of experienced sailors Aleksander Kerin and Vinko Oblak we managed to haul the sail and to catch the wind.

After showing to the crowd the qualities of the boat in sailing, we took the downwind position and sailed toward the port.

Marino Hrvatin, competing on the 5th rowing competition Kaki - Strunjan, on November 19th, 2011, rowing technique šija-voga (voga a baom). (table of results)