First of all, I would like to thank Slobodan Simič - Sime, Vinko Oblak and Aleksander Kerin for helping us giving techical and practical advices in traditional boatbuilding. Me and my father cannot imagine, how we would manage to finish the boat without precious advices about procedures and correct handling of caulking tools that gave us Aleksander Kerin.  To Vinko Oblak go all the merits for showing us how to sail with a lugsail and how to organize the rigging. We are also very grateful to Slobodan Simič who enriched our techical knowledge through his book Batane istre (Batanas from Istria).
We would also like to thank Egidij Krajcar for a good organization of activities ,accompanying the boat launching, and the Izola Municipality which included the launching into the municipal festival, called "The Izola's Miracle".

The visit of Vinko Oblak (on the left) and Slobodan Simič - Sime (on the right), Marino Hrvatin between them.

Aleksander Kerin (on the left) showing us, how to caulk correctly, and Marino Hrvatin (on the right) spinning the oakum.