Saturday, 3 December 2011


Once the boat structures were firmly hold together with ribbands, we could advance to the next construction stage: mounting of the keelson (paramezàl), beam shelves (kontračénte) and the lower ceiling planks (paraskózole).

After being cut on band saw and planed the keelson is ready for installation.

Drilling holes for the screws to join the keelson with timbers.

The screwing-down procedure.

Measuring and marking the shape of the lower ceiling plank.

Cutting the lower ceiling plank on band saw.

Sanding until the marks with a belt sander.

Soaking the beam shelves previously to bending.

Bending the beam shelf using the propane burner and F clamps.

Drilling the keelson for easier insertion of screws.

A view on already fixed beam shelves and lower ceiling planks in the bow area.

The groove in the shelf for a beam to fit: elimination of excessive wood with a chisel after being cut with a hand saw.

Rasping the surfaces of the groove for a pricise fit.

A view on a finished shelf groove.