Saturday, 3 December 2011


When the main boat structural parts (keel, timbers, stempost, apron, stemson and transom) were ready for installation we proceeded with the shipyard erection in the garage. Right after that we began to join the keel, stempost and transom.

The bolts were prepared in order to join the timbers, stempost and transom with the keel.

Shipyard erection.

Method of joining blocks with clamps and angle plates.

Applying a dense mixture of red lead tetroxide and linseed oil onto keel before the stempost and apron were installed.

Junction of keel and stempost.

Fixing the transom.

Fixing the stempost and apron.

View on the installed timbers in the bow area.

View on the installed timbers in the stern area.

Additional steadiness was achieved adding two beams on each side along the keel.

Wedges were used to temporarily align the timbers with the keel, stempost amd transom.

A provisory ribbands were nailed to the timbers to keep the structure in place before the planking was added.