Sunday, 4 December 2011


Besides rigging each batana is traditionally required to have one mast (álboro) and two yards (penóni), which support the lugsail (véla al térco) on both upper and lower edge.

The mast is composed of four spruce boards glued together with PVA water resistant glue.

The rounding procedure with gradual planing of the opposite edges.

Mast heel which is inserted into the square slot in the mast step.

The opening in the mast head with sheave for the passage of the halyard.

The ring on the mast head for shrouds or backstays.

Cleats for the rigging, mounted on the lower part of the mast.

The mast head painted with a beige color.

The lower part of mast finished.

Frontal part of the yard yet unfinished.