Saturday, 3 December 2011


We decided to start with the floor timbers (piáne) and bilge timbers (kórbe). The exact sequence is shown by the pictures below.

Identification of suitable cutting areas.

Cutting the dimensional lumber into pieces following the previously marked areas.

Rough surface leveling after cleaning.

Working on combined circular saw & thickness planer.

Transferring lines from the boat plan to the wood using carbonless copy paper.

Cutting the floor timber with band saw.

Planing till the marked lines.

Correction of the surface for better fit on the keel.

Drilling holes for the joining bolts.

Rasping the water channels.

Cutting the slot on the floor timber to fit with the bilge timber (semi halved joint).

Checking if the timbers fit together.

Grinding surfaces in preparation for painting.

Drilling holes for coupling with wood screws.

View of the joined floor and bilge timber.

Timbers are ready for the installation on the keel.