Saturday, 3 December 2011


The washboard (bandamórta) is composed of futtocks (mankulíto) and two planks (majèr) with a rail (kordòn). Its fabrication comprised the same or very similar procedures as for the planking and timbers.

Transferring the lines of the futtock on a previously prepared oak board.

Cutting the futtock on a band saw.

Sanding till the marking lines.

Corrections with a file on the areas inaccessible to the belt sander.

Rounding edges of the futtock with a vertical milling machine.

Planing the larch board for the first plank of the washboard.

A temporary fastening to check, how the plank fits on the boat's side.

After screwing the first two planks of the washboard the water scupper-holes were made.

View on the first plank of the washboard installed on its place.

Cutting the ends on both sides of the second washboard plank.

Sanding the edges to correct the shape of the plank.

View on the second plank of the washboard and the rail installed on their place prior to sanding ad rounding edges.

Artistically shaped prow deck knee.

View on the finished washboards.