Saturday, 3 December 2011


Due to the fact, that the deck (kovérta) is always exposed to noxious sunbeams more than other boat components, its planking is therefore also prone to cracking in a major amount. This encouraged us to fabricate the deck from narrower planks and to close the grooves after oakum with a more elastic polyurethane sealant on this part of boat instead of the spatula putty.

View on the two narrow deck planks which follow the curvature of the boat's side and of the hatchway framings.

Painting the inner surface of the planks which is in contact with the beams.

Drilling holes for screws to fasten the planks to the beams.

Bending the first segment of the waterway.

Marking the curve of the boat's side using a model.

Cutting the slots for the futtocks.

Screwing the waterway to the beams and sheer strake.

A more precise cut of the slots for oakum and polyurethane sealant using a multi-function tool.

Rasping the channel for the polyurethane deck caulking sealant.

Checking dimensions by the futtock insertion.

View on a finished deck, ready for caulking.